June Rhinehart

Darrell, Rick and I grew up with gospel music all around us.  One of my favorite memories as a child was singing in the evening with Dad and Grandmother.  Little did I know this would have such an influence on my life and later sing gospel music.  I'm married to Donald Rhinehart and we have one son, Justin and two grandchildren, Cooper and Carolina.

Rick Caldwell


Rick, my brother, was the youngest and also speaks about playing in the "guitar case" at a young age.  Rick is an accomplished guitarist and sings both lead and harmonies for Mountain Joy.  He has one son, Levi and a grandson, Quin.

Darrell Caldwell


As a small child, Darrell (little Darrell as we call him) would stand on stage in church with his little guitar to "pick" with the choir.  In addition to his great guitar playing, Darrell enjoys singing harmonies and lead for Mountain Joy.  This all being said, music was just a way of life for me, Rick and Darrell!

Linda Rhinehart


Linda loves gospel music.  She grew up attending a small country church where her love for singing began.  Linda was saved at the age of twelve.  She is married to Tim Rhinehart and they have three children - Amber, Nathan and Will and two grandchildren, Bryan and April.  She is a founding member of Mountain Joy.  She enjoys singing and is an accomplished songwriter.  Linda is quick to share it is such an honor that God has entrusted such a huge responsibility to Mountain Joy.